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In recent years, there has been a breakfast cult in Ukraine. Everyone posts beautiful breakfasts on Instagram, and that’s very good. I’m glad that the fashion for a cup of coffee without anything passed.


We like to eat deliciously, to enjoy not only the taste but also the appearance of the dish.

This is how food culture develops. It is crucial to accustom yourself and your children to aesthetics. You can buy pleasant tableware, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Cups that will match the drinks that are poured into them.


These are essential points, and you will notice that an ordinary omelette tastes much better on a plain plate, and coffee in a nice cup. Because at first, we eat with our eyes and the brain, according to what we see, tells us what the taste will be in advance.


Now you can have a beautiful breakfast not only in a cafe. Don’t be afraid to start cooking at home. At first, on weekends, but over time you will like it, and with proper menu planning, you will cook more often. I prepared a lot of breakfast recipes for you and took a photo of the presentation so that it would be more convenient for you to repeat it.

Choose the recipes you want to prepare during the week, buy the ingredients in advance, and everything will work out -the main thing is proper planning.


The cooking time is minimal.


For example, you can make honey granola with a reserve, keep a jar of caramel in the refrigerator and serve it with cheesecakes or pancakes. Bake pastries such as bagels in advance, and only add the filling in the morning.


Cooking at home is also fun – you can involve children, husband or wife.


You will have delicious and beautiful breakfasts and realize your culinary fantasies. Treat your family or invite friends – this is also a good tradition that brings people together.


What could be better than getting together for Sunday breakfast and talking? Now it is a luxury, and many ordinary things are valued differently.

Let breakfast become a tradition

If you like to have breakfast in cafes, pastry shops or restaurants – that’s great. Such hikes develop your taste and discover new ingredients. You can taste the cuisine of other countries or try the author’s breakfasts.


Make it a tradition, for example, to have breakfast every Saturday or Sunday at different establishments.


Take a picture and tag me on Instagram @svitlana_klymovskaso I can see what breakfast you made this week.

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