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To prepare a delicious dinner, you need to take fresh seasonal ingredients. I think everyone notices how our food desires change depending on the season. Our body tells us what we need to eat now.


In the summer, for lunch, we prefer green salads with grilled fish or young vegetables with hummus. Usually, you want something cool and light.


In autumn, preferences change dramatically: our body wants to warm up, so for lunch, we prefer hot dishes, soups, borscht, stewed vegetables, and baked meat – dishes that warm us. The same can be said about the winter period when canned and salted dishes: sauerkraut, and cucumbers, which you are unlikely to eat in the summer, are also added.


Often, in a hurry, we ignore such tips and choose unpalatable fast food.: to satisfy our hunger.


It is better to plan the menu for the day in advance and follow simple principles: balance, seasonality, and variety.

Before going to the store, think about what you will cook, go to the section “For lunch” on the website (link to my website) and make an approximate menu.


Cook different dishes. You can prepare many options for dinners from one product. Don’t throw away anything edible: if you don’t know what to do – look for a recipe.


Use different methods of processing products: boiling, baking, stewing, frying, and grilling. So, you will avoid monotony, and you will get a different taste and dish for lunch every time.


Be sure to take a look at the spice section: this will stimulate your taste buds and make you want to cook to share your experiences.


Try new things, don’t program yourself in advance that you won’t like something. I often meet people who will go so far as to say that it is not tasty without even trying it. Cooking can give you unforgettable experiences, and it is true.


When choosing a recipe for lunch, pay attention to balance. Do not overload the digestive system with large portions. At home or in a restaurant eat slowly: think about what you eat. We spend up to 30 minutes on lunch, be in the moment with food, and your body will thank you.

Develop a food culture in yourself

It is essential to develop a culture of food in yourself. It is not about putting all possible utensils and plates on the table every time. No, it’s about very crucial things.


Respect for the nature and origin of the ingredients. You should know what you are eating, how it was grown, and under what conditions. It is important to know and support people who work in harmony with nature.

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