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In the header of my Instagram blog profile, it says:

“You will bake your first cake with me”.


Hundreds of my followers are on the list of those who were afraid and thought that it was not real. After making a cake at home once, they couldn’t stop and went further to personal master classes with me.

A cake is a special type of confectionery. A cake is a symbol of a holiday, a symbol of attention, a symbol of happiness and joy. Baking a cake gives you the possibility to show your attitude, and your feelings, and to make a personal, unforgettable gift. 

Why unforgettable? Because emotions remain in the memory and believe me, a cake baked by yourself is an unforgettable impression of a gift. Try it, and you will understand.

What equipment do you need in the kitchen to start making cakes?

With a basic set of quality tools, you can avoid spoiled ingredients and make the cooking process much easier.

But don’t let the absence scare you, you can buy all this later.

In the “Cakes” section, you will find proven recipes of varying complexity. The main thing is to start an interesting journey into the world of confectionery art.

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