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Esterhazy cake




8 servings



Esterhazy cake is a classic confectionery with its own history. I am sure that the cake only improved in time. It is sometimes difficult to find an original recipe of such cakes, so confectioners always add some personal change. But it’s not a disadvantage. On the contrary, the cake keeps its main nut taste and characteristic decorations, but the taste changes thanks to various ingredients. Wherever you get a piece of an Esterhazy cake, the taste will differ. 


In the classic cake recipe we use almonds in cake base, but you can use any other nuts you have at hand.

Pay attention to the cream we use. It contains Custard cream, condensed milk, and butter. There is a high risk of delamination, so all ingredients must be of the same temperature in order to combine well. This is very important. 


You need to boil condensed milk by yourself for 2 hours. The boiled condensed milk sold in shops is not suitable, as it has a different structure and taste. 



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The method of cooking cakes

Fry the almonds for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 160°C. Cool, grind together with flour into fine crumbs.

Make the dough first with half of the ingredients, since you can only bake two cakes at a time, and the meringue falls quickly.

Whip the egg whites into a foam, gradually add sugar and whip into a strong meringue. Pour the chopped nuts with flour and carefully mix with a spatula from bottom to top.

Prepare baking parchment with two marked circles of 20 cm in diameter. Make 4 same pieces pf parchment. There will be 8 cakes in total.

Using a pastry bag, pipe approximately 75 g of the mixture onto one cake in a circle. The cakes should be of the same thickness.

Bake for 12-15 minutes at 160°C (with convection). The cakes need to be ruddy. Remove from parchment only when they are completely cooled. Then make cakes from the second part of the dough.

Method of cooking of cream

Method of cooking

First of all, make the custard cream. Whip the yolks with sugar, cornstarch and vanilla.

Heat the milk. Gradually pour milk into the yolks, constantly stirring with a whisk. Return to the stove.

Bring the custard cream to a boil and boil for 1 minute, stirring intensively so that lumps do not form.

Pour the cream into a container and cover with food film in contact. Cool down.

All ingredients for the cream should be at the same temperature. It is best to get butter, custard cream and condensed milk from the fridge in advance.

Whip butter, gradually add condensed milk and custard. It is best to add other ingredients with a tablespoon.

Assemble the cake in a biscuit ring, cover with food film.

Place the cream on the base, then the cake, again the cream and so on to the top.

Leave the cake in the fridge to stabilize for 8 hours.

For chocolate decoration

Method of cooking

Melt both chocolates.

Add 25 gr of oil to the white chocolate, and 5 gr to the black one. Stir well.

Pour the white chocolate over the cake and level it with a spatula.

Using a pastry bag, apply dark chocolate and make brand Esterhazy decoration.

Decorate the walls of the cake with fried almond petals.


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