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Запечена підчеревина та реберця

Запечена підчеревина та реберця


8 hours to marinate,
4 hours to bake


4-5 servings



Pork belly is a part that contains fat with meat layers, and skin on top. In Ukraine we often bake pork belly in the oven or in a wood oven for Easter. Easter is the end of a Great Lent, so the meals are reach in meat dishes. 


Home-made sausages, meat, pork belly, holodets (meat jelly), all this is a part of our festive meal. 

The Ukrainian traditional Easter lunch consists of Paska bread, cheese Paska, Krashanka (a boiled egg painted in natural origin dyes such as onion skin, beetroot juice, bilberryes, etc.), baked meat, sausages, holodets, horseradish roots. In different regions of Ukraine you can find regional tradisional Easter dishes too. 


In this recipe I want to share a method of meat preparation before baking, that was used by my grandmother Shura. 


Calculate the amount of ingredients according to your needs. You can choose other types of meat optionally, not just pork.

Запечена підчеревина та реберця


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Method of cooking

My grandmother Shura always prepared the meat for baking beforehand. First of all, she soaked it in brine, this is a solution of water and salt. She put the meat in there, covered with a lid, and left overnight. After this she marinated the meat, added black pepper, laurel leaves, allspice (Jamaica pepper).Then she placed all pieces of meat in a cast iron pot, poured a little water in there, and baked in a wooden oven. 

Wash the meat, make small cuts in it and put pieces of garlic inside, pepper the meat, add salt (if you don’t soak it in brine), pour olive oil over it, add rosemary, thyme, sage, and paprika. Grate it well in spices, marinate in the tray in which you plan to bake. Cover with foil and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Heat the oven to 200°C, reduce to 160°C, bake under foil for 3 hours.

Take it out, remove the foil, drain the excess liquid, bake for another 1 hour until a beautiful rich color.

The meat can be served both hot and cold.

Lay out sliced pork belly, ribs, add horseradish, boiled eggs, greens, vegetables.


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