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My name is Svetlana. I am a pastry chef, food blogger, photographer and food stylist. 

My husband and I live in Ukraine. We love to cook, take photos, experiment with food, find new taste combinations and share recipes. We have two cats.
My blog is about delicious food, desserts, home pastry, photos, aesthetics and people.


If you want to chat or have a proposal for cooperation, write to pr@klymovska.comor on Instagram.

My life credo

A conscious choice of products and ingredients is my life credo.

It will soon be three years since I have been running my blog on Instagram (link to Instagram) and more than a year since I started my personal workshops for people who want to learn how to bake in their own kitchen or start earning from their own hobby.
Before that, I was a home pastry chef and baked cakes to order. 

During the year, I received hundreds of messages, reviews and comments.

And many more words of gratitude and inspiration.

Why I created this blog

Looking back, I understand that I enjoyed my work, blogging, workshops and fellowship. 


This motivated me to expand the blog. To create a culinary platform where a person will find everything from various recipes to master classes, the basics of cooking, advice from nutrition specialists and other information that will definitely be useful. 


My second passion is photography. With the help of photos, I want to convey and show how food looks. How important it is to pay attention to design and decor, because first we eat with our eyes. In photography, I look for inspiration around me, nature, people, everything inspires, the main thing is to notice. 


I took all the photos for the blog myself to convey the entire process from creating the recipe to the photo you see. 

Soon you will see a new section “Basics of food photography”.

And a little more history

I am a historian by education, and at first glance it may seem that this is far from cooking, but it is not. 


As a historian, I know how important it is to develop Ukrainian culinary traditions. After all, through food and baking, we transmit, spread, tell our history, culture, preserve traditions for future generations, this is a way of self-expression.
I am looking for and collecting books about the history of Ukrainian cuisine before the occupation period. 

Therefore, the blog will contain many traditional recipes with new ingredients and cooking methods. 

Cooking should be easy, tasty, beautiful, with love and respect for nature and ingredients, not from a position of struggle, but from a position of understanding. 

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