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Bond breakfast and vesper cocktail


20 minutes


2 pcs.



Breakfast was Bond’s most favorite meal of the day. 

He always ordered the same breakfast in London. It consisted of black non-sweet coffee, an egg (boiled exactly 3 minutes 20 seconds. The egg had to be fresh, brown, made by french chicken.), two  thickly buttered toasts, strawberry jam, marmalade, and Norwegian heather honey. 

All was served in a silver coffee pot and a tray of Queen Anna time, the porcelain was dark blue with white and golden pattern, as well as the egg stand. 


As you can see, Bond had an exquisite taste and paid lots of attention to details. 


Bond’s breakfast is the first live translation we had with my husband Vadim on Instagram. It was Valentine’s day and we decided to make Bond’s breakfast, but with personal additions. 

Who knows, maybe if Bond lived today some of his preferences would change somehow. 



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Assemble the breakfast

We boiled organic poached eggs, an omelet will also suit well in here, the recipe is below.


On a dry heated pan we toasted two pieces of bread and some almond chips. 


Put 3-4 orange pieces on a plate too. Add half an avocado cut into cubes, cherry tomatoes, seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Toasts were placed on the side.

Two poached eggs or omelet on top of tomatoes and avocado. Sprinkle everything with almond petals and drizzle with orange juice on top.

You can add a few pieces of lightly smoked trout.



It was an incredibly delicious breakfast, even the almond petals added flavor.



Be sure to cook it, you won’t regret.


Vesper cocktail

Vadim changed it slightly.


Mix several ice cubes in a shaker.
— 2 parts Gordons gin
— 1 part vodka
— 3 parts of Kin Lille wine
— 3 parts of shweps

Shake until the drink becomes icy.
Decorate the glass with lemon peel.

Bond’s favorite scrambled eggs

— 3 eggs

— 3 tbsp milk

— Salt

— Butter


Pour the eggs mixed with milk into the melted butter on a pan. Add a pinch of salt.

Stir constantly with a spatula until loose lumps form.


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