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Crepes with salted fillings

Млинці з солоними начинками


30 minutes


2 servings



Everyone enjoys a breakfast of crepes. It is a tasty and fast breakfast. You may find lots of serving variants including different fillings and sauces. 


I saw this particular idea in the breakfast from a famous Chef Jamie Oliver, and decided that my readers would like to cook such breakfast too. This time we’ll make a salted variant of the meal.

I make the crepes on 28 cm bottom pan. 

Classic crepes

For the filling

Млинці з солоними начинками


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Method of cooking

Mix well the eggs with sugar using a whisk. Add salt, oil, and half of the flour. Start pouring in the milk, stirring the mixture well with a whisk. Add the rest of the flour. Look at the consistency, you may still need more flour.

Fry the crepes on both sides, or only on one side on a low heat, grease the pan with oil using a brush, if necessary.

You can take your favorite crepes recipe and use this idea for breakfast too.

Cut the pancake from the center to the edge, only on one side.

Place the filling on top, meat, cheese, tomatoes, and Pesto sauce.

Wrap the pancake, and transfer it to a serving plate.


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