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Snails with custard cream and raisins


1.5 hours


4 servings



Every morning all Lisbon is filled with incredible aroma of baked custard cream in desserts and confectionery. And all is mixed with a light coffee fragrance from coffee shops. 


I made up my mind to make something with custard cream at home. The choice fell on puff pastry snails. I used a ready dough, but be sure it is a high-quality one. As for me, it is a one-day confectionery, as puff pastry soaks in custard cream and loses its crispiness in time. Bake it for breakfast and enjoy. Make custard cream a day before baking. 

Custard cream


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Method of cooking of cream

Whip eggs with sugar, vanilla paste and starch until the mass gets white.

Heat the milk, when it begins to steam, gradually pour it into the egg mixture and mix intensively with a whisk.

Pour into the pan where the milk was and return to the stove.

Cook until the cream gets thick, stirring constantly.

Pour into a bowl.

Cover with food film in contact and put in the fridge.



Method of cooking

Defrost puff pastry dough.

On a floured surface, roll out the dough a little to make it even.

Apply custard cream on top.

Then lay out the raisins.

Twist a tight roll.

Cut the roll into 2 cm pieces.

Take the dough piece, put it on the baking parchment and fold the edge, as in the photo.

Grease all the snails with a mixture for a ruddy crust


Method of cooking

Leave the snails to rest for 20-30 minutes

Bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.

Remove the hot snails from the oven, brush with syrup.

Syrup: bring 25 gr of water + 25 gr of sugar to a boil.


If this portion is too much for you, reduce by half and take 500 gr of dough.


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