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Lazy varenyky with coconut custard

Ліниві вареники з кокосовим кремом


1 hour


2 portions



Some tips before cooking lazy varenyky:

  • Dough for dumplings should be sticky. That will help you to form them easily 
  • Freeze the dumplings before cooking
  • The round shape is the best to keep the dumplings in shape when cooked
  • You can choose flour you like – wheat, coconut, rice
  • Salty or sweet as well is up to you
  • Serve salted varenyky with pork rinds, onion, and dill
  • Salted dumplings are better done on wheat or rice flour
  • You can replace custard with sour cream or Greek yogurt

Ingredients for two portions

Grind everything with a fork, and form balls of 10 g or 15 g, pumping well. Each ball should be without cracks.


Roll in flour, and freeze on the board.

Throw in boiling water, and cook for 5 minutes. When the dumplings are on the surface, consider them ready.

Ліниві вареники з кокосовим кремом


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Coconut custard

Method of cooking

Combine milk with coconut cream. Heat until steam appears.

Rub the yolks, starch, and sugar until the mass is white.

Pour the milk-creamy mixture into the yolks, constantly mixing with a whisk.

Put the mixture on the stove. Cook until thickening, intensively stirring with a whisk.

The cream can be drained if there are lumps.

Pour the cream into two plates, add strawberry jam or confi, and put dumplings.

Strawberry Confi

Method of cooking

Heat the puree with part of the sugar to a warm state.

Pour the pectin with sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.


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