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Vegan burgers


1 hours


6 pcs.



Once I got an interesting experienece – almot 10 days of raw foodism without consuming animal origin food. Later on I came back to my usual meals. But during these 10 days I started to think what tasty food could I eat besides salads. 

And this was how this burgers saw the world. I liked the burgers so much that long after this I prepared cutlets, freezed them and served with buckwheat or potatoes.

Vegetable burger cutlet


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First you need to bake the eggplant and sweet pepper.

Wrap up the eggplant and the pepper in foil, and bake on 200°C , then unwrap and bake till cooked.

Boil the red lentil in salted water.

On a hot pan with olive oil to sauté the onion (chop it into small cubes) and grated carrot. Add salt, pepper, dry oregano and garlic powder.

Put the pan aside while draining the red lentil.

Peel the baked eggplant, chop in cubes and squeeze out extra juice. Add it to the vegetables with red lentil. Here as well add parsley, fresh greens, cilantro, and green onion.

Cut the sun dried tomatoes and the fresh tomatoe (the latter without seeds).

In the end add flour. By the way, I used rye flour that added a peculiar taste to our cutlets.

Fry on olive oil on both sides.

You can freeze these cutlets and serve with a side dish or salad.

For burgers
Forming the burger

Cut the whole grain bun in two, sprinkle with olive oil, put on a hot pan and fry so it gets crusty.

On the lower part put mayo or pesto, avocado, spinach, cutlet, red onion rings, microgreens. Grease the upper part with mayo or pesto too, cover the top of the burger.

The burger looks amazing. It has an extremely fresh taste, you can feel a variety of smells due to the used spices. Not a bit greasy, light and green. It’s a perfect variant for summer barbeques as you can also grill the cutlet. 


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