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Glazes for paskas


20 minutes


on 5 stripes



For a long time, I baked Paskas to order. During this time, I used various glazes and decorations, and I want to share my favourites, which I still prefer.


It’s Swiss Meringue and Lemon Icing. In the photo, you can see how elegant the Paskas look. Burn the meringue with a heating pad, and put chopped dried fruits on top of the lemon glaze or shake with pistachios. The green colour is refreshing and reminds us that it is already spring.

Lemon glaze

Method of cooking

Add the powder to the juice and mix. The consistency should be very thick. 


There are no exact proportions here. You need to take the ingredients according to the number of Paskas. Lemon glaze can be stored, and then add a little juice, stir and use again.


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Swiss meringue

Method of cooking

Place the ingredients in a bowl that can be placed in a water bath. The bottom of the bowl should not be in contact with the water.

Heat and constantly stir with a whisk until the sugar dissolves. You will not feel the sugar grains if you rub the mass between your fingers.

Remove from the bath and beat with a mixer at maximum speed for about 10 minutes.

Decorate the cooled strips and burn with a heating pad.

Step-by-step photos of meringue preparation can be found in Cooking Basics.

Mixture for the ruddy crust

Method of cooking

The dough decor looks very stylish.

Besides, you don’t need to think about additional decoration. You bake Paska already with it. This is what our grandmothers always did, especially in the oven.

My blog on Instagram has a live broadcast of the preparation of Paskas and decorations: @svitlana_klymovska


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