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Kyiv angel wings

Вергуни київські


40 min + frying time


500 gr of products



Angel wings, or Verguny, is a traditional Ukrainian cookie made from yeast-free dough and fried in oil. Depending on the region, the shape and ingredients of the dough may differ. Often, donut dough is used to prepare verguny, or baking powder may be added to the dough.
Rum and almonds were added to the Kyiv version of verguny. Almonds were thinly grated. You can add almond flour optionally.
Verguny are often cooked for holidays, especially Christmas, to treat carolers.

For many people, it is a delicacy from childhood, grandmothers cooked such sweets for you, and you can make them for your relatives on holidays.

Ingredients for angel wings:

Вергуни київські


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Method of cooking

If you make the dough in a planetary mixer

 Add all the ingredients to the mixer bowl, except milk.

Knead the dough, gradually adding milk to adjust the consistency of the dough.

Knead the dough for 15-20 minutes at medium speed.

For manual kneading

First, whip the eggs with sugar.

Pour melted butter, rum, and milk into the eggs. Mix well with a whisk.

Pour in almond flour, and then gradually, adding wheat flour, knead the dough.

Round the dough for verguny, transfer it to the table, cover with food film, and leave to rest for 20 minutes.

Cut the dough into three parts. Roll out each one as thinly as possible for a crispier verguny. (If you want to make puffy verguns, leave the dough thicker).

Cut the rolled dough into rhombuses, the size of which you like. They can be made into short or long pastries.

Make an incision in the middle of the rhombus and pull one edge into the incision. If the rhombuses are long, you can pull the edge 2-3 times over and over.

 Fry the varguny in a deep fryer heated to 170°C. Fry on both sides to a rich golden color.

Transfer to a paper towel after frying.

When cooled down, shake with powdered sugar.


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