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Cheese paska for easter


Cooking time 30 min,
stabilization time 8-10 hours


6-8 servings


medium lightness

People traditionally prepared Cheese paska in the Chernihiv region and Poltava region, and it was especially popular in Kyiv.

According to the old Kyiv recipe, she was called “prince”.

A special wooden form, a cut pyramid, was used for such a belt. The letters `Х’ and `В` were cut on the inside.

Such forms are even now made by woodworkers.


Kyiv housewives made Cheese Passover before Easter. They took the best quality cheese, butter or sour cream whipped with powdered sugar, almonds, spices, vanilla, zest, cookie crumbs and even chocolate. All the ingredients were ground to a homogeneous mass, put into moulds, and put under a press.

Cheese paska was decorated with Kyiv dry jam. Delicious pieces of fruit and berries that have been cooked for a very long time in sugar syrup or honey. They took it out, the syrup ran down, and the candied fruit was crushed with sugar, and stored in boxes.


Cheese Paska had a delicate creamy taste and an incredible aroma. The recipe is simple to prepare and does not require baking.



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Method of cooking

Form size 11.5/11.5, top 5/5.

Wet the gauze with water, squeeze it and put it in the mould twice. Put on a plate.

Place cheese, sour cream, honey, and cream in a large bowl, and beat everything with a blender. If you don’t have a blender, rub the cheese twice through a sieve, add the rest of the ingredients and mix.

At the end, add dried fruits, chocolate, and nuts.

Put the curd mass carefully in a mould, wrap the edges with cheesecloth and leave for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator.

Put the load, you can use a bowl with water and leave it for another 8-10 hours. Periodically drain the water that collects at the bottom of the plate.

Turn the paska over onto a serving dish, and decorate with chocolate eggs or candied nuts.


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