Rice pudding with coconut creme Anglaise


20 minutes


2 pcs



Rice pudding is a sweet rice dish with adding milk, crème Anglaise, and different sweeteners. The classic rice pudding is served as a dessert in English cuisine. 


I made a pudding with tropical taste, but you can add different berries, make a vanilla cream, and get a different taste. 


Method of cooking

Boil rice with milk, sugar and vanilla.


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For the crème anglaise


Method of cooking

Heat the cream with milk.

Mix well the yolks with sugar, gradually pour milk into the yolks, stirring constantly.

Return everything to the pan and bring it to 85°C, no more, constantly stirring intensively.

If there are lumps, you can pass the cream through a sieve.

Combine cream with rice. When you mix these two components, it is desirable that the temperature is approximately the same. If there are large temperature differences, the mass may split.

Mango confit


Method of cooking

Heat the puree.

Drizzle in pectin mixed with sugar.

Bring it to a boil.

Remove from the stove. You can use the confit immediately or cover with food film in contact and store in the fridge.


Place rice with crème Anglaise in deep bowls.

Add confit.

Decorate with persimmon or mango cubes.

Coconut slices and fresh mint will be a great addition.