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Cooking brioche up to
12 hours


8-10 servings



Product made of brioche dough with muslin cream. You can diversify the taste by adding strawberries, apricots, raspberries or even caramel.

Brioche is a soft, buttery, yeast dough.

Firs of all, the dough should rise in cold, this will allow a strong gluten network to form. It holds the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast. As a result, we get a tasty, aromatic, almost weightless product.


Cream Muslin is prepared on the basis of custard cream with the addition of butter. The main condition is to follow temperature conditions when combining custard and butter. A large temperature difference will cause delamination of the mass.

When set aside, the cream will be soft, but due to the butter, it will become stable during cooling.




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Brioche cooking method

Sift the flour into the mixer bowl. Add salt, sugar, yeast and eggs. Knead on low speed until the ingredients are combined.

Continue mixing at medium speed of the planetary mixer.

Gradually add cooled cubed butter.Continue kneading until the dough becomes homogenuous, elastic and does not stick to your hands.

Transfer the dough to a bowl, cover with food film and a towel. Let it rest at room temperature for 40 minutes, and then in the refrigerator for 5 hours.

Lower the dough, transfer it to a 22-24 cm baking dish, cover with food film and leave to rise for 2.5 hours. Brush with crust mixture, egg yolk + milk and sprinkle with almond petals.

Bake at 180 °C for 20-30 minutes. Cool down.

Cream Muslin

Method of cooking

Grind eggs with sugar and add corn starch.

Heat the milk to boiling, add vanilla or extract. Carefully pour milk into eggs grinded with sugar. Mix, return everything to the pan and cook until thickened, stirring constantly with a whisk. After boiling, keep on fire for 1 minute.

Remove, add butter and mix well.

Cover with food film in contact and cool. Preferably at room temperature up to 40 degrees.

Whip the cooled cream for 3 minutes, gradually add butter of room temperature. The butter should be soft and plastic.
Use the cream immediately.

Cut the brioche. Using a pastry bag, put the cream on the bottom. Cover with the upper part. Cool and serve.


If you add fresh berries to the filling, it is advisable to store the product for no more than a day.


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