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Pumpkin roll

Гарбузовий рулет


2 hours + 8 hours to stabilize


6-8 servings



Just spotting a good round pumpkin makes us smile and brings up pleasant memories. For me, confectionery with pumpkin is associated with late fall, cozy evenings, and hot drinks. 


I got you a really simple, but delicious recipe for a cake roll with pumpkin purée. This dessert is extremely soft if made with vanilla cream, and pay attention to its warm yellow color. 

Ingredients for sponge cake

Гарбузовий рулет


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Method of cooking

Peel and bake the pumpkin. Beat it with an immersion blender into a fine purée. At the exit you will receive 150 gr of purée.

Whip the eggs with sugar until the mass increases three times, approximately 10 minutes.

Add pumpkin purée, mix gently.

Sift the dry ingredients and gradually add them to the biscuit mixture.

Pour the mix onto a silicone biscuit mat or onto a baking sheet lined with baking parchment.

Bake at 180°C for 20-30 minutes. Watch the biscuit, the main thing is not to overbake it.

Cool the biscuit and prepare the cream.


Method of cooking

Cover the sieve with gauze and wrap it four times. Pour the sour cream on the cheesecloth. Leave in the refrigerator for 8 hours to drain the excess liquid.

Put the sour cream in a bowl, add the cream, powdered sugar and vanilla.

Whip with a mixer to a stable, smooth texture.

Put the cream on the biscuit, spread it with a spatula, and wrap it in a tight roll.

Lay out the roll with the seam down and fix it with baking parchment.

Leave the roll in the refrigerator to stabilize for 5-8 hours.

Shake the roll with powdered sugar and cut.

To bake the biscuit dough, I prefer using a convenient silicone mat for baking cake layers. It has a side height of 1 cm. 


This way, you will get the same thickness of biscuit over the entire area and, as a result, a beautiful, neat product.

Гарбузовий рулет


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