Baked chicken with tangerine


Preparation 30  min,
baking 1,5-2 hours


5-6 portions



The tradition to bake a chicken for Christmas I moved from my mother in law In the menu to the holidays Galina Sergiyevna always recorded the first chicken, and so in the family established a wonderful tradition.  If you have already started planning a Christmas banquet – keep my new recipe of baked chicken.  


I added a special festive combination of tastes and decor to the main dish.  We do not forget that we eat first with eyes, so feeding is of great importance. 



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Method of cooking

Wash the carcass, dry, pour olive oil, salt, pepper from the outside and inside. 
Put the sliced tangerine, a branch of sage, rosemary and so-called into the carcass. 

ut the carcass into a bowl, add fresh herbs, juice of one Mandarin, balsam vinegar, cover with film and leave overnight in the refrigerator.

In the morning, lubricate the chicken with melted butter.  Butter will make the dish very aromatic.

Put the grid in the baking tin, put the cut orange on the grid, put the chicken on the orange.  The lid is fixed with toothbrushes, and the legs – with a string.

Bake for 1,5-2 hours at 180 degrees (time depends on the size of the chicken).  If the top starts to be very brown – cover with foil.  In the process of baking the chicken can be polished with juice, which flows to the deco.


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