Chicken schnitzel


30-40 min


2 servings



You can easily cook a schnitzel at home. The main condition is to cook exactly the needed quantity of servings. Schnitzels must be served right away, as if you leave them for later,  the breading will get soft, so the dish won’t be so tasty.


You can cook mashed potatoes or a simple green salad as a side dish. Don’t forget to sprinkle the salad with lemon juice.

I love schnitzel with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.



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Cut the fillet in half and beat well on both sides. While beating the fillet, it is better to cover it with a plastic bag or food film. So pieces of meat will not fly all over the kitchen.

Get 3 bowls. In the first one place the flour, salt and pepper, in the second one beat the egg with a fork, in the third bowl pour breadcrumbs with crushed seeds.

Coat the fillet with a thin layer of mustard. First roll in flour, then in egg and breadcrumbs.

Fry in olive oil on medium heat on both sides until it gets a beautiful brown color.

Place on top of paper towels.

Serve with lemon slices, add greens.