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Steam dumplings

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2 hours


8 servings



This year I was lucky enough to cook dumplings according to the family recipe of my subscriber Eugenia. For the first time, I cooked dumplings using sour milk cheese for the dough.

I didn’t change anything In the recipe, just added one additional ingredient, baking powder.


This technique will preserve the porous texture of the finished products and ensure uniform rise during cooking.

Dough for dumplings

Вареники на пару


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Method of cooking

Place cheese, eggs, sugar, and salt in a bowl and mix everything well with a fork.

Sift the flour with baking soda and baking powder in a separate bowl.

Gradually add the flour mix to the cheese-egg mixture. Stir with a spoon first, and then knead the dough with your hands.

It is important that the dough remains tender, but does not stick to the hands or kneading surface. Add flour during rolling and shaping if needed.

Cover the dough with food film and leave it to rest for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the dumpling filling. Wash and dry the berries.

Roll out the dough and cut circles with a water glass or form dough sausages and cut them into 30 gr pieces.

Prepare a pan with water, tied with gauze on top.

When the water boils, make a moderate fire.

Place 3-4 dumplings on gauze so they do not touch, they must not stick together during cooking. Cover the pan with dumplings with a large metal bowl on top. Cook the dumplings for 8 minutes without turning over.

Remove the dumplings and shake with sugar, cover with a towel.

Delicious dumplings with cabbage


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