Galushky with dried mushrooms

Галушки з сушеними грибами


1 hour


4 srevings



Galushky is a traditional dish of Ukrainian national cuisine made of boiled dough in the form of squares, balls or fingers.

Galushky are prepared from a variety of flours including combinations of flour with potatoes or cheese. Galushky can be sweet or salty with the addition of melted butter.


I have prepared for you a recipe for classic Galushky with dried porcini mushrooms and Noizet butter.

Noizet is a butter that is heated to 144°C, so we get a product that has been purified from milk proteins, which can be used even by vegans. And this butter has an incredible nutty aroma, which is perfectly combined with the earthy aroma of mushrooms.


Галушки з сушеними грибами


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Method of cooking

Pour water, olive oil and an egg whipped a little with salt into the flour. Knead a soft dough.

Cover the dough with food film and leave it to rest on the table for 20 minutes.

Roll the dough into a layer and cut into squares or stretch it into a thin sausage and cut into small fingers.

Twist each finger between the palms, giving them an elongated shape. The dough expands during cooking, so try to make Galushky small.

Prepare the dressing. Pre-soak dried mushrooms for 3 hours in cold water or for 20 minutes in hot water.

Drain the water, rinse the mushrooms, pour clean water in a pan, and cook for 20 minutes. Then discard it in a colander.

Cut the mushrooms into strips. Fry in olive oil with garlic and spices, you can add diced onions optionally.

Prepare the Noiset butter. Cut the butter into cubes, put it in a saucepan with a thick bottom and bring the butter to 144°C. Or boil it till it gets a rich brown color. The protein will burn at the bottom of the saucepan and the excess liquid will evaporate. You will get purified butter.

Boil Galushky in salted water. After the Galushky rise to the top of the water, cook for 5-10 minutes.

Put the Galushky in a pot or a ceramic bowl, pour some Noiset butter on top, and add fried porcini mushrooms on top, shake with greens.

Frozen porcini mushrooms can be fried immediately, without boiling.