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Pectin NH

More and more often you can see Pectin NH in recipes. Why do confectioners prefer this type of pectin?


NH pectin in small amounts acts as a thickener, and in large amounts it gelatinizes mixtures.


Pectin is a polysaccharide, its molecules bind water and become larger in size. They fill the space, so the water molecules do not move, and this is how the thickening process occurs. As it heats up, this process continues and intensifies. The most important thing is to follow the cooking technology.

Use in confectionery

In confectionery, pectin is used to prepare coulis, confit, jellies, jams, glazes, various fillings for cakes, pastries, and macarons.


I immediately want to exclude other types of pectin – yellow, apple, citrus. They work great when making jams, marmelade or confitures. It takes a lot of sugar for this kind of pectin to start working, but you won’t always get a consistent result.

How does NH pectin differ from other pectins and thickeners?

How to use?

Mix the required amount of NH pectin with sugar and add to puree heated to 40 degrees. When adding pectin, puree should be warm. If you add pectin to hot or cold frit puree, the pectin will get in clumps.


Bring to a boil, boil for a minute, pectin begins to act at 80 degrees, remove from heat, add citric acid, if it is in the recipe, cool and use as needed.
Acid contributes to even faster thickening, but fillings with NH pectin thicken perfectly even without it.


The amount of pectin per 100 gr of puree can be different, depending on the desired consistency.
If taken an average, it is 2-3 gr of pectin per 100 gr of puree.


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