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Anastasia Kaliga

Anastasia Kaliga

certified nutritionist (PN1, USDA, Harvard Medical School)

What is detox? Is it really necessary to clean the body with juices, powders and other methods?


Anastasia Kaliga, a certified nutritionist (PN1, USDA, Harvard Medical School), answers the question.

Let’s do some basics. According to ReserchandMarkets.com, the sales of detox products will grow from 45 million dollars in 2019 to 67 million in 2025. I guess, we can stop here. 

Everyone is so used to shouting that the pharmacy makes money from us. And powders also do not work for the good. Besides, they are not under control.


I am not yet striking into the subject of how many prohibited substances are found in them.

Moreover, there is no scientific base. If there is some, it is of the very poor quality. We call it the level of “I didn’t die and it’s fine”.


The term detox exists in medicine and is not an ingredient in your smoothie.

Why do we have such a desire to clean ourselves?

News of the day – our body cleans itself. No need to help him. With your help, at best, you will not change anything, at worst, you will put your health at risk.


Our body has barriers – skin, mucous membrane, gastrointestinal tract – which do not let much get inside. Next, immunity plays its part. The liver works differently than a sponge (although we are told this). With the help of chemical reactions it turns potentially dangerous substances into safe ones.


Of course, all this works, as long as the liver and kidneys are healthy. If not, only doctor can help.

What problems can detox provoke?

— Imbalance of electrolytes and disruption of the microbial flora;

— Bowel problems, due to the detersive, which we were not warned about;

— Dehydration;

— Septicemia, which includes existence of bacteria in the blood;

 Infection with anything;

— Other health problems due to an unbalanced diet.


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