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Today we will talk about a controversial food – sugar. When you hear the word “sugar”, what thoughts does it wake in you? I am positive that there will be those, who will say “Sugar is bad and harmful”. 

The first thing I ask you to pay attention to is the attitute to any food or product. Don’t give them the chatacterisitcs of “bad”, “nutritious”, “healty” or “uhealthy”, as these terms have zero meaning. 


Secondly, the principle of balanced diet gives you a possibility to vary your dishes with recommended product groups, that make the BASE of your plate. 


And, the last but not least, biochemistry is a very interesting science. Did you know that “sugar”, carbohydrates in particular, but in a differemnt form, we consume as a part of grains, fruits, and even berries.

Про цукор

Sugar is a dysacaharide, saccharose more precisely. During digestion under the action of a highly specific enzyme, sucrose breaks down into glucose and fructose. Sucrose is the main component of food sugar. Simply put, food sugar is a simple carbohydrate that dissolves quickly, so the body spends less energy on its assimilation.


But you have probably also heard and know about complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides). These are molecules that have a more complex structure, are gradually broken down by enzymes, so they are absorbed slowly. This is, for example, starch and fiber, found in vegetables, grains and cereals.

We are recommended by WHO

We are recommended (by WHO, associations of nutritionists and nutritionists) to reduce the use of added sugar and control its amount, so as not to provoke and increase the possibility of developing diabetes. But it must be looked at in a complex way, not one single sugar is to blame for this.


I want you to understand that in nay case food will divide into molecules, and only then it will be absirbed by our body. Worldwide known organizations advise to control precisely the amount of added sugar, as this product is not a diet basis and it must not take the higher place on your plate. Sauces, Sprinkle water, sweets, marinades, non-alcohol beverages, juices, syrups, canned food, etc. – you can overpass the sugar dosis easily with them. It has no difference if it’s white, brown, lump or coconut sugar. It’s still the simple carbohydrate and its consuming must be controlled. Also, the method of cooking plays an important role in preserving the nutritional value of the dish.


The most important thing you must get is that food balance and food preferences control is essential. Make the basis of your balanced diet of whole grains, legumes, whole grain bread, baked potatoes, berries, greens, meat, fish, eggs, and don’t forget a piece of your favorite pie or cake. Remember about sleep, rest and physical activity.


Sincerely, your nutritionist and traines Nataliia Nechas.



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