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Stuffed carp

Фарширований короп


2-3 hours


4 servings



Stuffed carp is a very tender, juicy and tasty dish. In Ukrainian cuisine, stuffed fish is mostly prepared for the Holy Supper. But I’m sure, after trying it once, you’ll see that it’s really simple to cook and you’ll cook this dish much more often.


Do not be afraid of the process of separating the skin, it is actually very fast, the skin of the fish is strong and it is difficult to damage it. With step-by-step photos and a detailed recipe, you will succeed.


Фарширований короп


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Method of cooking

Clean the fish from scales and entrails. Wash thoroughly.

Put the fish on the kitchen board, carefully make incisions near the fins on the belly with a sharp knife, as in the photo.

Carefully separate the skin with your hands, moving towards the spine, tail and head.

Carefully cut the bone near the head with a knife, without damaging the skin. Then turn it out and cut it near the tail.

Remove all the meat from the bones.

Soak pieces of bread in water.

Peel the carrot and 1 onion, cut into medium pieces and fry in olive oil until they get soft, add salt and pepper and, if desired, add dried herbs and spices. Or fresh thyme for flavor.

Grind fish fillets, fried vegetables and bread in a meat grinder.

Add an egg, and breadcrumbs to the minced meat, mix everything thoroughly.

Stuff the fish. Do not try to use all the stuffing if it does not fit, when stuffing the fish you should feel that the skin is not too tight.

From the rest of the minced meat that will remain you can fry fish patties.

Sew the stuffed carp.

Transfer the carp to a baking dish, on the bottom of which put onion rings.

Pour olive oil over the fish and cover it with foil.

Bake at 180°C  for 30 minutes covered in foil, then remove the foil and bake until the carp gets a beautiful ruddy color.

Cool the carp completely and put it in the refrigerator overnight, and only then cut it and serve it with baked vegetables.


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