Millet patties

Катлети із пшона


Up to 1 hour


8-10 servings



For a long time, millet remained the main product in Ukraine. Most often, we used millet at home in the preparation of cabbage soup and millet porridge with pumpkin.

I think everyone will remember the Cossack kulish, which was cooked on an open fire. An incredibly tasty and aromatic dish.


Millet has a light nutty taste, does not contain gluten at all, is easily absorbed by the body, and also has a large number of vitamins and microelements.

I will share with you a simple and very tasty recipe from millet – we will prepare patties. Another advantage of millet is that it molds well.


Катлети із пшона


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Method of cooking

Cover the millet with water and leave it to soak overnight.

Strain the millet. Cook in a ratio of one part of millet to two parts of liquid for 15 minutes.

Peel the onion, carrot, pepper and garlic.

Dice the onion, pepper and garlic, and grate the carrot.

Fry the vegetables for 5 minutes in olive oil, add spices. Blend the fried vegetables with a blender.

 Combine millet, egg, breadcrumbs and chopped vegetables. Mix thoroughly.

Form small patties with wet hands.

Fry in olive oil until a beautiful ruddy color appears.

Serve with salad.