Baked rulka(pork shank) with vegetables


3 hours


2 portions



Our trip to Prague started with a tasting of pork shank, their traditional dish served with Czech beer.


After some time, we tried to recreate the dish at home and we really liked the result. The main thing is to choose a shank with less fat. If you like soccer, here is a recipe for you into your collection of dishes that go well with beer. 



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Method of cooking

It is better to take the front pork leg to get less fat. The leg should be washed, cleaned with a knife and put in a large pot into a cold water. 

Add a whole onion, carrot cut into large pieces, a bay leaf, a mixture of peppers, salt. Cook for 2 hours after it boiled. Cool it down and marinate.


Mix everything and rub the shank with it. Put it on a baking sheet on a piece of parchment paper.

Arrange the seasoned vegetables around the shank.
Bake at 180 degrees C for 40-60 minutes. If the vegetables are cooked earlier, take them away. 


Put the shank on a large wooden board, and put the vegetables next to it. There is a delicious sauce at the bottom of the pan, brush the shank and all the vegetables with this sauce for a nice shiny look.
Add red currants, green onions, dill for decoration. 


Sour berries go well with pork, they neutralize the fatty taste of meat. 


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